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Interview with Alesha Deesing

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Suhl, 23.12.2008: Alesha joined the team this summer to continue the good tradition of US-born players in the VfB roster. A couple of days before Christmas she was allowed to visit her family in Seattle and we thought it might be a good moment to send her some questions for our interview series. After watching the weather forecasts we were all a little bit concerned if she could return back in time for the next game, but against Leverkusen she was back in the line-up. Due to a little communication problem our email carrying the interview questions somehow was lost in the infinite ramifications of the internet, and Alesha was allready back in Germany, when she finally received our questions. But it turned out to become a great interview. (SC)

Dynamics: Right now the snow in Suhl is melting but you are at home in the US and there you probably have way too much of it. How are you and how are your holidays so far? We hope you don’t have to spend it with the snow shovel in your hand.
Alesha: My holidays were very good, especially my time in the states with my family and friends. The weather, however, was not so wonderful while I was home. It took me two days to arrive to Seattle because I missed my connecting flight in Philadelphia and had to spend the night in a hotel. The next morning, I had two more flights before I finally arrived in the beautiful state of Washington. Although, I was snowed in a lot and out of power for a week in Oregon with my parents, I really enjoyed my time at home and am very happy I was able to go!

Dynamics: Actually the team is just one win behind the league leading team from Vilsbiburg. How did you liked the competition so far and what are the main differences you experienced so far (compared to NCAA volleyball)?
Alesha: I am very happy the team is at the top of the league right now. Our goal of course is to be number one at the end of the season, so we are working hard and staying focused to meet that goal. As for the differences from this team and my college team, I would say there is a lot more focus on ball control in practices here versus six on six competitive drills. I think a good team is able to run a fast offense and spread the ball around, especially in transition and not so perfect passes. My college team was very successful at this and a lot of emphasis was put on being a good serving and serve receive team. One of my favorite parts of playing volleyball is competing, so it has been fun playing with this team and representing Vfb 91 Suhl!

Dynamics: The new ball seems to be quite an issue. Some players seem to have a love-hate relationship with it. How do you like it?
Alesha: It is growing on me. The ball definitely has some disadvantages such as: it’s much more slippery when setting, it’s more difficult to pass in server receive, and it floats differently than the old balls. Some of these disadvantages can also be seen as advantages though. I personally like serving with the new ball because it floats more, creating a tougher serve for the opponent. It’s just a matter of becoming more consistent and familiar with the ball.

Dynamics: You are one of four (now 5) new players in the team. How did you adapt to the new surroundings and how do you like it here in Suhl and within the VfB-organisation?
Alesha: I am really enjoying my time in Suhl, because I am surrounded by good people. The girls on the team are great and have definitely helped me adapt quicker to living in a new culture for the first time. They are a fun group of girls to be around and are very patient with translating practices to me and keeping me informed on everything. I am very blessed to have them in my life. The coach has also made a huge effort to communicate with me and ask how I am doing, which is very much appreciated. As for the management of the team, I am very pleased. And for the fans, you guys rock! The team is so thankful for such dedicated and intense fans; you create such a fantastic environment to play in!

Dynamics: How was the contact with our club was made and what did you expect from Suhl and the team? Did you ever thought of playing in Germany?
Alesha: Once my contract with the team was finalized, I was not sure what to expect when I arrived in Germany. I knew before coming my goals were and still are to improve as a volleyball player and make a positive impact on the team, grow as a person, and to of course enjoy the whole experience of living in a new environment. I knew in college that I wanted to continue playing volleyball once my four years at the University of Washington had ended. What country I was going to play in was uncertain, but I am glad the doors opened for me to play in Germany.

Dynamics: By now it is kind of a good tradition to have a lady from the US competing for the VfB team. Do you know one of your predecessors?
Alesha: Yes. Paige Benjamin attended the same University as I did. Paige is four years older than I am so we unfortunately never had the opportunity to play on the same team, but know each other through the school and mutal teammates. I remember watching her play when I was in highschool and she is a great athlete and person. I also know Sherry Williams who played at Florida before coming to Suhl. I met her this past summer in Alaska, which is kinda funny. We were both coaching volleyball camps there and ended up spending 2 weeks on and off with each other and some other coaches. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to know her. One of her former college teammates is sisters to one of my college teammates, which is another interesting yet random fact of how we know each other.

Dynamics: If the training or the games are over – what are you favorite habits to relax and to spend your spare time and how did you like the pre-christmas time here in Suhl?
Alesha: Since I do not have a lot of time to travel with practice in the morning and evening, I spend a lot of time reading, watching movies, napping, or on the internet. Without the internet, I’m not sure I would survive being away from my family and friends back home! I am also almost finished reading my twelfth book since I’ve been here and I was sure to bring back a lot more from home, so I’m excited to get into those too. When I’m not relaxing at the flat, I’m usually hanging out with one of the girls on the team or walking around the shops in Suhl. I also attend a German lesson once a week, but my German is VERY BAD. I will keep trying though. As for the pre-Christmas time, it was superb. I loved the Christmas market!

Interview by Ingolf Rust and Ralf Hoffmann (via email).



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