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Interview with Tatjana Boskovic

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Suhl, 22.10.2007: Four games in the books, and the fans could catch a glimpse of what the VfB-team is capable of. After some difficulties in the season opener agains Rote Raben Vilsbiburg, the team regained confidence winning three games in a row and just losing one set.
A key for the recent success is Tatjana Boskovic, who was rock solid in reception, which was one of the trouble spots of the previous VfB-teams.

Dynamics: You were able to win all pre-season games, and especially the match against NA.Hamburg left some good impressions. But during the first two sets against Vilsbiburg the team seemed to be confused and kind of mentaly tired. Were you surprised by the performance of your opponents or was it the difference between pre-season and „real competition“? (Han Abbing said, the pre-season opponents weren’t challenging enough.)
Tanja: The pre-season games have a little to do with the „real“ games. Totally different psychologically. Mr.Abing was right when he said, that the pre-season games where not challenging enough. We could not see our maximum in these games, because we won most of them with 60%-70% of our ability.
What affects Vilsbiburg, my opinion is that we where not very good prepared for the game. We also didn’t have the exact information, which players would play. Unfortunately Vilsbiburg was stronger than we thought, and had a good performance, which I can’t say about us. We had trouble in service, setting, and defense. I am truly sorry that we didn’t win because the atmosphere in the hall was great! It was really inspiring (at least for me).

Dynamics: The team recovered well from this slow start with convincing performances against Münster, Köpenick and Leverkusen, but the „heavy weights“ of the league are still to come. What do you think, on which points you all will have to work on during the little break after the next match against VCO, to be well prepared for these matches?
Tanja: Yes we recovered ok, but none of those teams are as good as Vilsbiburg or the other 2 strong opponents. These „easy“ matches we must use to make our game more fluent. We still have some problems with the freeball and making a sure point when the reception is good. Surely we will use this break to work on those elements and improve our game.

Dynamics: A lot of us supporters are worried about the fact, that the team actually has only eight healthy players. Is this something you and your teammates worry about and how does this affect the training?
Tanja: The fact that we are only 8 players definitely worries us, but for the moment, thank God, nobody (else) is injured and we can manage. Not that it only affects the training, we also have less possibilities in the matches. We can’t afford to have a bad day and when that happens we have a big problem. The team management was not able to find another player due to financial limits, so we will have to do the best we can in this situation and try to repeat the success of last year.

Dynamics: The 16th of november is a special date for us, because our „favourite“ rivals from Dresdner SC will come for a visit. You know the atmosphere in the „Wolfsgrube“ from your first games, but these matches are known for being more emotional and more exciting than usual. How did do you like the atmosphere during your first games here in Suhl and are you looking forward to games like this „regional-derby“?
Tanja: Yes, I am looking forward to these games too, because they bring out the best of you. It is always easier for players to play strong games, than easy ones in which you know you will win. I already mentioned that the atmosphere was great in the first match and I look forward to have more games like that. For me it is very important if the hall is full and loud, I am much more motivated and inspired. Derby matches are my favorite, so I look forward to not disappointing you fans again! Against Dresden we have to give all we have and focus on making as less mistakes as we can, because in modern volleyball the one that makes less mistakes wins. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the better team.

Dynamics: You have already played a season in Germany and you have played for various European clubs in your career. Do you find it difficult to adjust to new clubs and leagues and how challenging is the German volleyball league compared to the experiences you made the last years and how did it change since 2001/02?
Tanja: For 7 years now I have been playing in profesional leagues out of my country. Only the first 2 years you have problems adapting and you miss your home, after that you learn to live in this way. Off course it is much easier for me that my husband and my daughter are with me everywhere I go. Naturally the quality of the German league has changed in these 6 years and now it is not so good as before. That is due to small budget limits in clubs so a lot of good players (German and foreign) leave the country. The Turkish league, where I played last year, is very strong and just behind the Italian. Every game is a derby and there is no team that you are 100% sure you get your 3 points. The pressure is very big and it is very difficult, especially for young players. However, my wish was to come back to Germany and I am satisfied here in every way, and it’s much better for my family also.

Dynamics: How did you get in contact with the VfB-organisation, and what are your first impressions from your new club, teammates and the new sourroundings here in Suhl? Did you feel a little bit like „at home“ when you first met your new teammates and how much does it help you to have your family around?
Tanja: I answered half of this questions above, so I only have to add that I feel really good around my teammates and I did feel pretty much „at home“ when I came here first. I like Suhl and most of all I like that everywhere I can go by foot! In Belgrade I had to drive always 9-10 km to training, in Istanbul also, so this is refreshing and much more relaxing. I have more time for other things. One of the reasons I like it here is also the organization of the club and fans. I find it very good organized.

Dynamics: Final question: Volleyball – how did you came to this sport and was there a player you looked up to, when you started playing volleyball?
Tanja: I played first tennis for 7 years, while living in Greece with my parents. I didn’t have much fun and didn’t enjoy tennis so much. After one day staying after school at a volleyball training, I decided to leave tennis. It was love at first hit! I enjoyed it much more being in a team sport, although my father wanted me to stay in individual sport. He said : „you never have to depend on somebody else, only on yourself“. He was a football goalkeeper and he was talking from experience. It all made sense but I still preferred to be in a team. So tennis is the reason, (why) I started very late with volleyball (when I was) 13 years old. My first club was Red Star, (but) I stayed there for only 6 months. My first real volleyball steps were in Obilic Belgrade, where I stayed for 6 years. After that my professional career started in Postar Belgrade.

The interview was conducted by Dynamics via Mail (SC, AA, BX, Übersetzung: SC).


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